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Welcome... Updated [29 Mar 2006|10:32am]

A Season Of Our Discontent:
  Not for P.C. crybabies- you know the type... People that stand for social justice and pass the homeless on the streets, while donating to something a world away. What the fuck does social justice mean anyway? Not for people with ponytails (especially if you're balding and wear a hat), sandals, love beads, flowers in (what's left of) your hair, or tie dye. In my world it's still okay to hate hippies. Actually it's fine to hate just about anyone and anything. If you're offended "fuck off, P.C. crybaby." Not for fans of "punk" heard on the Buzz or any other corporate radio station. Those pansies don't know a thing about punk or have sold out long ago. Am I claiming to be an authority? I don't like that word, so lets just say I'm knowledgeable. I've got 17 years, an encyclopedia for a brain, (I finally counted them all) 26,281 records, 2941 CDs, 110 gigs of MP3s, and it's all growing everyday. Just tune in to hear real punk rock with an emphasis on up-and-coming bands and the early punk underground. There occasionally will be guests, live interviews, free beer, and lots of blood, guts, and pussy.

  This is A Season Of Our Discontent's website. I broadcast from Kansas City, MO on the station KKFI 90.1FM. If you live in another city, state, or country you can't listen anymore. My server deleted all the shows that were recorded and online, because I spoofed a bunch of subaccounts and was using too much bandwidth. Shows #55 through #108 are all gone now. This show is primarily a punk rock show, but I'll play whatever the hell else I decide to, but mostly true, real punk fucking rawk. Occasionally we'll stray off into power pop, a little metal... like I said, whatever I feel like. I'm on (CURRENTLY!!!) Tuesdays from 10pm til 12am (Central). Right after my show is "The Rocker" Curt Mason. He'll give you a vintage metal death trip from 12am until 5am. Saturday nights from 11pm to 1am is "Retro Red Eye Express" with Sunshine. She'll entertain you with her new wave pop selections and answer any and all Duran Duran questions. There's quite a variety on this poor little community radio station. Feel free to check out the schedule here, and perhaps donate something.

  If you're in this god forsaken town, the studio number is 816.931.KKFI, that's 816.931.5534 for you illiterate types out there. My AOL Instant Messenger screen name is britdiscontent. That pretty much covers everyway to get a hold of me but if you're still looking for something to do to kill time on this pale blue dot, you can e-mail me and tell me what you do to your sisters panties and you're home all by yourself. Okay, now if you're in a punk band please send me stuff. Anything. I can play vinyl, CDs, cassettes, even fucking mini-discs. If you're really lazy, just e-mail me your MP3s and I'll even play them. For everyone that wants to send me stuff to play contact me and I'll give you an address. Be sure to include contact info: address, number, e-mail, whatever. Maybe I'll ask you to be on the air, maybe I'll ask that you never send me stuff again, who knows. Just send stuff. If you play lame indie rock, ska, or straight metal... save your discs... I won't play them.

  If you missed last week's show, and you're dying to know if I played your band, then click on "playlists." There you will find playlists for every single show since 2001. I usually get up early on Saturdays and Sundays, plan out the show, and write it all down. So if requesting something get it in by Sunday morning. The playlist usually goes up by Sunday afternoon. If you want to request something there's a form for it, just click on "requests." You must fill out the form! Once again, get those requests in by Sunday morning! Occasionally I'll have updates or some sort of news about the show in the "news" section. It might be about an upcoming guest or it could be about the show or site itself. So stay informed. Lastly, if you want to know more about me, then click on "me" to find out who I am. That about sums it all up, so if you need anything more, feel free to write. This site like life, is a work in progress so check back, and listen!!!


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