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shit i played on... Updated [29 Mar 2006|10:19am]
[ * | 4 Year Anniversary ]
[ #201 | Nov 22nd 2005 ]

vacancies- radio revolution
blitz- nation on fire
accidents- it's gonna be alright
dead stop- seperate ways
menace- C & A
peter and the test tube babies- let's burn
no reason- that one thing
boils- anarchy in action
second class citizen- values
wasted nation- bricks and bottles
look back and laugh- empty hand
hands tied- signed off
chron gen- hounds of the night
intensive care- rebel
kylesa- delusion on fire
rydells- MIA
where eagles dare- dead street
OBGYN- no motivation
black halos- last call at the toothless saloon
modernettes- teen city
disco volante- no regrets
varukers- politics instore
red alert- take no prisoners
face to face- i want
anti sociales- obsesion fatal
towers open fire- carbon copy of yesterday
4 skins- gambler
looking forward- for those who believe
set it straight- these walls
briefs- forty and above
english dogs- your country
no innocent victim- life debt
bombshells- dying breed
minority party- anti you


[ -- | Nov 29th 2005 ]

sorry... i was sick, and could barely talk.


[ #202 | Dec 06th 2005 ]

just a repeat of show number 1 with a few other things thrown in...

ramones- we want the airwaves
cocknoose- invader 1 must die
pitchshifter- as seen on TV
social distortion- 1945
7seconds- good to go
bad posture- brains
negative approach- friend or foe
white flag- no reason
crime- baby you're so repulsive
dag nasty- incinerate
toxic reasons- war hero
dramarama- anything, anything
mccarthy commission- murder is murder
jugheads revenge- fabric of the mind
glue gun- devil may care
bodies- down to the beach
fuses- gas station food
teen idols- one pill
DRI- nursing home blues
crucifucks- hinkley had a vision
stratford mercenaries- no more running
nerve agents- off come the blindfolds
circle jerks- casualty vampires
septic flesh- little music box
guff- turbulence
ill repute- clean cut american kids
fang- american dream
logical nonsense- legion
rose tattoo- magnum maid
youth brigade- where are the old man bars
proletariat- allegiance
cock sparrer- i feel a death coming on
fifteen- vanessa
TSOL- anti-cop
misfits- skulls


[ #203 | Dec 13th 2005 ]

accident- kill the bee gees
fastback- whenever i'm walking
propagandhi- fedallah's hearse
rebel truce- man inside
criminal class- running away
dead boys- not anymore
savage beliefs- double standard
vast majority- i wanna be a number
meanies- waiting for you
noizboys- noizboys
idol threat- reason why
gorilla angreb- mit lille sorte
look back and laugh- by the pound
beat happening- our secret
desolation- evil in man
KGB- dying in the USA
only attitude counts- memories
222s- hold up
regulations- untouchable
xterminators- occasional lay
sunday morning einsteins- model citizen no 1
house of large sizes- big bag of dope
freedumb- insomnia
attaque 77- santigo
dead kennedys- holiday in cambodia
grim reality- dead soldier
enemy- pull down the shades
western addiction- a poor recipe for civic cohesion
ZRO4- gimme attention
pagan babies- clearing the blur
bent nails- no more riots
dot vaeth- armed robbery
social unrest- their mistakes
next- monotony
grids- you're no better than me
todlachen- school zone
loud fast rules- black and blue
cinder- de esta aqua no bebere


[ #204 | Dec 20th 2005 ]

radio stars- is it really necessary
threats- politicians and ministers
schleprock- darkest days
urban dogs- new baptism
dennis most and the instigators- sex is an art form
gorilla angreb- de kommer ud om naiten
hammerhead- american rampage
regulations- hollywood smile
xtraverts- 1984
stiff little fingers- strummerville
45 grave- 45 grave
rise against- blood to bleed
flyin spiders- killin the city
black flag- black coffee
lethal yellow- grilled cheese sandwiches
generation x- valley of the dolls
strike- victim
destroy all monsters- bored
agent orange- i kill spies
zippers- falling off the edge
dwarves- dwarves must die
randy- better than art
anti heroes- disco riot
xray spex- i live off you
blood for blood- rock n roll song
suzy quatro and TV smith- what if
narcoleptic youth- my neighbor hates me
DOA- 001 losers club
terror- keep your mouth shut
maxiax- off to war
observers- defeated
blitzkrieg- great advance
iron cross- crucified
jilted john- goin steady
electric eels- agitated
clorox girls- emergency
wire- 12XU


[ #205 | Dec 27th 2005 ]

f- roddy pipers rowdy hearts club band
anti nowhere league- degeneration
to what end- and so they gave us...
white flag- hanging up my youth
lost sounds- reasons to kill
gastunk- computer crime
civil dissent- alone among friends
b'last- sequel
mistaken identity- again
no justice- still fighting
have heart- worth
driller killer- BDS
accelerators- i've seen her somewhere before
fast times- beehive
regulations- protect and serve
infest- three or nothing
young wasteners- suburban noise
86 mentality- terror boys
jerks- dole queue boys
waste- brainwash
kruw- punx
chelsea- new utopia
straight youth- x on my hand
vee dee- blood zombie
final solutions- eat shit hologram
arright antraek- plastik fantasy
our turn- search it out
no trend- cancer
bonecrusher- right to work
damage deposit- get out of town
members- muzak machine
lie- best friends are punks
police line- no surrender
cheap n nasty- covergirl
atheists- nuclear blast
inbred- MTV
fuse- a letter from the ghetto


[ #206 | Jan 03rd 2006 ]

last stand- all in all
top ten- never enough
sir henry fiat's bastard- the day rock n roll came to town
unwanted- shattered silence
rule of thumb- don't look down
ptl klub- hey harry
without system- with
bad brains- she's calling you
end- california
vacancies- forfeit
youth quake- prepare them for war
adam and the ants- zerox machine
impulse manslaughter- too late
sorry- why do i have to look at you
over my dead body- no borders no barriers
crude ss- forced values
vox pop- cab driver
RKL- rock n roll nightmare
doughboys- fix me
lunchmeat- no need
underclass- done
peace corpse- small talk death
mission impossible- helpless
three cord wonder- life in chains
bomb- western world
9 below zero- one way street
ground zero- society's prison
anti nowhere league- there is no god
pointed sticks- love or money
indigesti- diretto nel mio seguardo
fury- circle of lies
strike under- elephants graveyard
retard riot- bonehead bastard
drunks with guns- i got the gun
tsunami bomb- no one's looking
no escape- search
look back and laugh- christened
regulations- disease


[ #207 | Jan 10th 2006 ]

chelsea- kxlu radio
randy- razorblade
good clean fun- what corporate rock can't say
pink razors- sew it seems
top ten- now we're through
users- dead on arrival
stepmothers- i hear a rumble
bold- running like thieves
downcast- force
nation of finks- love hardcore hate you
hot nasties- get away from me
1st offense- martial law
soulside- forgiveness
attitude adjustment- johnny
UK decay- duel
chronic sick- there goes the neighborhood
flower leperds- necrology
lords of the new church- russian roulette
retard riot- streets are calling
body count- catch 22
mental- god for a day
devo- mongoloid
previcators- jihad
crimson sweet- CTR
9353- color anxiety
outsiders- observations
NBSH- desperate
total chaos- brixton prison
VIP- just can't let you go
anti nowhere league- mission to mars
stukas- dead lazy
where eagles dare- what lies ahead
burnt offerings- different reality
lowlife- thinking naturally
expelled- make it alone


[ #208 | Jan 17th 2006 ]

sir henry fiat's bastard- your mom's a fucking mongo
itch- takin' over
epidemic- never again
saints- private affair
ripcord- ignorant
creetins- sunburn
decontrol- land of the free
banner of thugs- steadfast
underdogs- private wars
spitboy- fence
generators- setting sail
warriors- last refuge
los crudos- crudo soy
randy- evil
cramps- garbage man
anti nowhere league- dead heroes
vigilantes- hopeful future
teen idols- longest walk
struggle- cannot destroy us
zodiac killers- party for my enemies
mad parade- real horror show
ignite- epidemic
UK subs- warhead
freedumb- aldri i mitt navn
raw deal- backtrack
death piggy- joey died today
bollocks- you don't know
common rider- insurgents
good clean fun- a little bit emo a little bit hardcore
screaming dead- valley of the dead
underclass- hard to believe
hands tied- turn away
walking blade- no choice
love as laughter- i'm a bee
social combat- no destiny


[ #209 | Jan 24th 2006 ]

american distress- fraudulent times
street brats- we're alright
imperial leather- two weeks notice
dim's rebellion- damn your world
bones brigade- endless bummer
marginal man- tell me
lyle- run to higher ground
reagan squad- off the edge
undecided- complications
good clean fun- drop the knife
discipline- boys will be boys
naked raygun- managua
chaotic alliance- armegeddon
quakes- nothing to say
figure 70- this race this place
ironbound nyc- lost
religious war- forced ideas
void- who are you
not enough hate- london bombs
bollweevils- straight jacket
anti nowhere league- mothers cunt
press mob- sundays
dead kennedys- kill the poor
KTP- attitude
monks of science- pull the plug
last rites- convicted without trial
intolleranza- liberta
retard riot- fat chicken
top ten- don't ever leave
86 mentality- scumbag
chelsea- sod the war
disclose- nowhere to run
shudder to think- too little too late
operation s- je suis une delinquante
bloody hells- so bored


[ #210 | Jan 31st 2006 ]

western addiction- charged words
randy- promise
freedumb- wargames
to what end- and so they gave us
crack- troops have landed
driller killer- BDS
subhumans- animal
arright antraek- plastik fantasy
ramallah- kill a celebrity
fast times- beehive
the girl is a ghost- she's not alright
have heart- worth
itch- josephine
regulations- protect and serve
chorus of disapproval- father's day
young wasteners- suburban noise
morning glory- so you wanna be a cop
DRI- suit and tie guy
flatliners- my hands are tied
red flag 77- time has been called
out cold- burn
fuckface- cliche
human error- plan
controllers- white trash christ
all- fool
gigantor- if it pops it drops
outcasts- gangland warfare
lime spiders- out of control
mishaps- jenny
rest in pieces- under my skin
horrorpops- crawl straight home
youth attack- taking the blame
black halos- burning trash
even worse- life sucks
dead boys- not anymore
blastmat- DUI
rebel truce- man inside
propagandhi- die jegend marschiert


[ #211 | Feb 07th 2006 ]

teenage bottlerocket- radio
good clean fun- a healthy dose of reality television
loved ones- breathe in
street walkin cheetahs- turn me down
nuns- walkin the beat
vomit punx- sometimes
brutally familiar- try and stop us
replacements- we're coming out
unity- sound and sight
infamous scientists- american bandstand
poison idea- burned for the last time
zolar x- mirrors
steak knife- callin my lawyer
abc weapons- last supper
big wig- owned and operated
worms meat- born death
gutter demons- playground horror peepshow
los crudos- metiendo sal en la llaga
christian death- burnt offerings
street brats- northside story
target of demand- judgment
rocks- chaos
monuments to ruins- ecocide
black sheep squadron- quick fix
verbal razor- tragedy
not enough hate- ride the wave
ironbound NYC- with a brick
econochrist- more to this life
scattergun- dead or alive
quakes- send me an angel
pist- unspoken
judge- take me away
american distress- nerve damage
limp wrist- punk ass queers
discipline- belief
bones brigade- meltdown
randy- rich boy
suicide blitz- live to burn


[ #212 | Feb 14th 2006 ]

electric frankenstein- hate machine
riot squad- hate the law
street brats- born rejected
boycot- god as referee
american distress- american distress
high beams- hate you
misfits- some kinda hate
ironbound NYC- strength in unity
u-boats- bums
quakes- lifetime to go
curse- switchblade love
good clean fun- punk rock love
jetsex- invisible minority
smoking popes- two fisted love
discipline- from vengeance to victory
farewell to arms- easy to resist
black sheep squadron- berzerk
negatives- hate song
ramones- today your love tomorrow the world
kamala and the karnivores- a love like murder
m*sixteen- voting patterns
thee exit wounds- headshot
chaotic alliance- full force attack
a global threat- stuck in the skull
undead- hate campaign
sheer terror- young punks in love
ICU- hate love
diskords- i could love you if i didn't hate you
bones brigade- enten war
teenage astro dictators- this ghouls uncool
lurkers- love story
general foodz- love potion #9
hatepinks- fall in love with a jpeg file
resistors- deep scars
soldier dolls- today and tomorrow
judge- forget this time
viletones- i hate you without you
manhandlers- die love die
direct control- tough guy


[ #213 | Feb 21st 2006 ]

CIA- i hate the radio
a global threat- free will
NHC- talking shit
sick of it all- just look around
resistors- give up
big wig- follow the leader
vagrants- open book
thee exit wounds- hell rod
marilyn's vitamins- bread and no butter
FUs- killer
discipline- hell is for heroes
judge- give it up
surfin crooners- comme ezechiel
quarterlife crisis- i got hate
NOFX- seein double at the triple rock
humungus- in the womb
urban waste- ignorant
terror- push it away
sottoppressione- i venti ddell'odio
48 thrills- nothing left
f- shoot it down
american distress- eternal bullshit
loved ones- arsenic
good clean fun- drug war
new york dolls- trash
champion- time slips away
partners in crime- you suck
x- dancing with tears in my eyes
driller killer- fuckhumangrenade
street brats- destination nowhere
quakes- USA psychos
barcode- no ground
murderers- pull the plug
randy- punk rock high
fuck ups- negative reaction


[ #214 | Feb 28th 2006 ]

satan's rats- louise
quarterlife crisis- punk rock in the morning
judge- the storm
affluente- credo in me
raxola- wait for the war
wolfbrigade- fran vaggan till graven
thee exit wounds- evil
uproar- blowin in the wind
pandemonium- no reaction
discipline- words out of life
big wig- time bomb
social distortion- telling them
velcro overdose- prayer to the porcelain god
not enough hate- murder death kill
48 thrills- burn it down
twits- get off my back
a global threat- running man
youth of today- one family
witch hats- jock the untold
lawrence arms- devil's takin names
skitkids- min vag fram
urban riot- on the streets
good clean fun- myspace song
mutilators- baby be gone
reality- nato
off your head- nothing 9
tina peel- exception to the ruler
NOFX- marxist brothers
bureaucrats- she's an american
visual discrimination- blindsided
SSD- boiling point
political asylum- nothing left
armalite- other entertainers
cock sparrer- running riot
waste- dig up the duke
driller killer- today of the dead


[ * | All Australian Show ]
[ #215 | Mar 07th 2006 ]

thought criminals- stolen air
suicide squad- gossip column
new christs- like a curse
gun control- give me security
celibate rifles- thank you america
razar- stamp out disco
world war xxiv- azaria
bastard squad- NCA
murder murder murder- anthill
perdition- one mistake
septic saw blades- wars
young identities- instant feelings
armatrak- born again christians
hard ons- girl in the sweater
leftovers- i only panic when...
die die die- year nine yeah
radio birdman- aloha steve and danno
upsets- heart attack
flesh vs. venom- elizabeth 4 queen
scientists- pissed on another planet
conation- haunted house of representatives
itchy rat- the sky is falling
witch hats- pepperman
order of decay- talking
saints- a minor aversion
news- dirty lies
mass appeal- fun again
threshold of pain- safely underground
psycho surgeons- wild weekend
gash- because you are a woman
dum dum boys- cadaver eyes
SIC- freedom
X- halfway round the world
rose tattoo- nice boys
ABC weapons- last supper


[ --- | Mar 14th 2006 ]

have a show this night with japanese girl bands so, i won't be here... miss madeline from the ol' country jesus will fill in for me..


[ #216 | Mar 21th 2006 ]

love equals death- broadcast
46 short- damned nation
turbonegro- screwed and tattooed
stabs- never going home
mostros- malos pensamientos
impulsive- limit a condition
fun things- lipstick
anal thunder- lifelong hangover
heist- blown away
golliwog- places you have never seen
beyond description- energy
klasse kriminale- vi accuso
sainte catherines- burn guelph burn
rutabaga suicide- say goodbye
quarterlife crisis- 6th and mission
nazi dogs- neutrons
a global threat- some nerve
jack killed jill- world overdose
victims- i understand
dag nasty- never go back
extroverts- living in poverty
teenage knockups- look what i caught
gitogito hustler- fujisan
lawrence arms- great lakes great escapes
cosmic goboins- leather office
48 thrills- sing the revolution
squats- ravensbruck
my heart bleeds for you- unsuitable disturbed
US bombs- we are the problem
radikal hardcore- manifestaciones
krombacherkeller- planz
against all authority- all ages show tonight
big wig- last call last song
hate is just a feeling- loving father
tommy and the terrors- chum
numbskulls- misfits blues
miss june- today i rob the bank you work for
wake up call- avoiding the storm


[ #217 | Mar 28th 2006 ]

alcoholic white trash- free range vegan
disrupters- give me a rush
sainte catherines- track and field style
nazi dogs- hookers
zona a- len ziadne obavy
i walk the line- dead seeds
camaros- right now i hate you
libertad condicional- rebelion en el manicomio
uncurbed- gutter romance
guerilla urbana- te detesto
exploited- death before dishonour
buzzcocks- flat pack philosophy
mostros- count 4 and run
resistors- crazed society
deep wound- dead babies
strongarm and the bullies- honor among outcasts
psychobunch- everlasting
against all authority- sweet televised destruction
46 short- questions of futility
7seconds- 99 red balloons
love equals death- caught in a trap
miss june- toledo
think i care- world asylum
impulsive- attack
NOFX- golden boys
US bombs- destroy the nation
das oath- you will never never never know me
blowers- it rape my mood
freeze- nazi fun
lawrence arms- recovering the opposable thumb
rezurex- prisoner of love
cause for alarm- united races
anal thunder- guns
hundred million martians- ono from me to you
quarterlife crisis- let the good times roll
skitkids- gladjedodare
golliwog- lovers


[ #218 | Apr 04th 2006 ]

i'm looking for it...


[ #219 | Apr 04th 2006 ]

on hiatus until 08/08/06


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